~ Get yourself a “Mighty Mercurial Mission” today and once you have the theme figured out – run with it. Its a great week to utilize or engage in activities that require the exercising of your intellectual property. Intellectual property is a legal term that refers to all * creations of the mind.* Yep, any product that is conceived as a result of your brain power.

Pluto represents life, death and creation. He loves to give his powerful dynamic force to the arts and sciences for transforming life.  So let’s see what you’ve got. The list includes but is not limited to: symbols, patterns, designs, music, melodies, words either written or conveyed verbally, painting and sculpting. Concepts and methodologies, the efficient handling and organization of *whatever is needed, desired or wanted” under the sun. Engage your natural third, sixth and ninth houses. Pull out all of your specialized skills. Make your game plan; thinking and writing, drafting and drawing. Pull out all the stops; you are on to something big. Let Pluto give birth to your words, your symbols, your designs ……. any of your creations.

Venus and Jupiter are major patrons of the arts, they make generous contributions today. You’ll have the support and the backing necessary for any endeavor that stems from your cleverly crafted words. In Taurus, we plant the seeds of conception. Today is the day to get those ideas off the drawing board. The energy today will launch your prototypes on the correct trajectory for a successful future. Plot your course. Stimulate your ambitions. Your vision is more and more clear each progressive day as the sunlight increases.

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