~ Your emotions are zooming around in tandem; two-by-two in Gemini style. You can’t find your glasses. Are you feeling disillusioned? Could be one of those days when you or others in your environment slip through the cracks, or just want to escape via any mode you can. Just as soon as you connect a dot or two, they disappear and reappear somewhere else.That is; if you’re lucky, well ……..maybe or …..”.maybe not.  Today is not the day to try and ‘nail’ something down.

Out and out deception can result in downright emotional chaos.  If you need some clarity, deal only with those you can trust. Unreliable, mistaken and or misleading evidence will stop you mid-stride, leaving you in the wrong. When the Moon mixes adversely with Neptune, “things of substance and those without any” are hard to digest. Keep your Pepto Bismol close at hand. Watch carefully what you take in.

Mars-the-Enforcer stimulates Pluto-the-Transformer and the result is a monstrous urge to take some ‘not so pretty’ forceful action. Be careful what you place at the top of your to-do list. Elevate those tasks of the highest priority and the utmost esteem. You’ll be fueled by some over-the-top confidence and a whole lotta power, determination and brute strength. Make sure that whatever you choose to throw your weight into is a worthy undertaking that will net you constructive outcomes. You have considerable power at your disposal so use it for the greater good. Focus your will at something meaningful/purposeful.

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