~ Are you holding the Red Flag…..or do you have the “bull by the horns” ….at 5:42 AM Fixed with purpose and intention, the Sun-in-Taurus bursts through the door of the china shop just before dawn. He is seriously ready to dig in. Its time to plant some seeds. He wants to see the green. Show him the color of your money. Did you check the soil? Do your crops need watering? Taurus is about gardening and growing your cash crop. He’s concerned about future gains. For the next month, your finite resources will be of concern.

It is time to establish a practical game plan and then create a road map on how to achieve it.  Under the Taurus Sun, you have a duty to be fiscally responsible as the steward of your personal material resources. Merrill Lynch proudly displays the Bull as their brand, the epitome of Taurus nature, functioning at its optimum level. However, for today, the Bull shows his softer, more docile side. He kicks back in a long 24 hour VOC where he mulls things over and indulges in his favorite past time of smelling the roses and taking the path of least resistance.

The day draws to an end as the sun sets, then the moon darts at a lively pace into Gemini at 7:28 PM. The domicile could be buzzing with activities whose purpose is seeking and gathering information. Make sure your devices are charged. Make a few phone calls or catch up on some emails. You might find yourself scrambling around in order to get things done. Could be good evening to get together with friends for lively conversations. Just take precaution not to get carried away with yourself. Jupiter is in town and his big thinking can fuel you to be a tad bit righteous when it comes to your own opinions. A few of you could fall from your high horses. Not having the right words, the correct words or perhaps the facts and figures to back them, could place your intellectual prowess into hot water.

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