SUNDAY APRIL 19, 2015

~ With the fickle Venus in Gemini, Squaring creative Neptune in Pisces just before dawn, we have a pairing that could manifest anything ranging from delusions of grandeur and/or divine inspiration to a deep understanding and compassion for the human condition. Some of you will run the gambit and others, who are fixed and rooted, will choose to simply import whatever supports the personal agenda you have chosen as all important at this particular time. Your view, may or may not have any connection with the true issues at hand.

It is extremely difficult to know where you stand or where your loved ones do for that matter. Venus who represents all things you love and Neptune, in tandem, are life’s version of Instagram filters. For those who are not familiar with the application – when you take a picture and post it using Instagram (social media) you are offered a variety of filters to use as well as other tools. Each one presents the subject in a unique manner by manipulating the photo so it can be perceived in a different light or perspective. In actuality, “applying filters” is the Venus-Neptune function in life.

This is one of those times when you are not getting the whole picture and your relationships suffer as a result. If you feel compelled to take an action try to find that original photo (#nofilter = A hashtag used to denote that the viewer is looking at reality).  It is par for the course that while your Venus function is operating under the influence of Neptune, you ‘could be’ or ‘should be’ questioning your concept of reality.

The illusions and filters may be intentional or unintentional. The deception by, for, or against you, can be part of the package. Difficulties arise in either seeing and or knowing what is actually happening. Things can get very convoluted under these planetary conditions. Neptune’s gift and curse, as she mixes with Venus, is in manifesting both ‘fairy tales and nightmares’ in equal intensity. Both are comprised of unrealistic and/or exaggerated distortions and expectations.

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