~ At 2:57 PM:EDT at 28 degrees Aries, we celebrate a ‘New Moon and New Beginnings’ with Numero Uno. Opportunity opens up before each of us as the ‘Hot Aries Moon’ crashes into the ‘fixed, immovable Taurus’ energy. The lesson of this New Moon, that falls very late in Aries, indicates that it is time for a fresh new persona; albeit delayed. The sleuth hounds are all out in full force, desperately casting their moral judgments and trying to light a few fires.

The ‘Lady of Love and Luxury’ connects with Aldebaran which is a fixed star. Aldebaran is the fiery orange bullseye of the ‘constellation-Taurus’. It’s energy comes from a position of dominance. Aldebaran is noted for “peacocking” his power, enticing you to indulge in any one of the seven deadly sins. Is that the real you? Are you missing out on opportunities  by “looking a gift horse in the mouth.” Don’t get side tracked and thrown off by some unfolding events. Watch out for false prophets, ill-perceptions and the sacrificial burnt offerings of the fattened golden calf upon the altar of fire.

It’s time to clear out the old in preparation for the new. The ‘Aries New Moon’ is about makeovers, total and complete. It is time for a “gut renovation” job in the Aries-ruled areas of your chart. Seek out Aries, Mars and all the aspects he makes in to the heavenly bodies he hangs around with. Look at all the places where he stands on guard. How well do these areas represent who you are? Back up the dumpster and rid yourself of meaningless status symbols. It’s time for a new you to emerge. Adorn yourself accordingly. Try a trendy new look ? Conservative or traditional clothing? Perhaps, maybe even something ‘cutting edge’? Let it reflect your authentic self…..

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