~ Now, just in case you thought that the energy of that dynamic Duo “Pluto and Uranus Square” was long gone  – – think again. Pluto is standing still and anytime a planet stands still, it freezes the energy exactly where it is focused. Feels like an eternity; frozen in time. Intensity is the name of the game. If you find yourself in the middle of power plays or manipulation games, it could get pretty hot to handle. The early morning lunar brush with the fates pulls you back into your old ways. Every now and then, they give you a test.  Don’t bite. Step aside. It takes you down a cold dark road just when you are being asked, well  – actually told by the planets to give that crap up. At the very least, use it as a memo; a reminder of what has to go.

Hang in. Expect to gain some important information about your current situation. Its not the time to make any quick moves or rash decisions.  Let the dust settle. Mars-in-Taurus challenges Jupiter-in-Leo. You want things you can treasure; things of lasting value. You are driven, however, your emotions and need to control just might get in the way. Yep, try to stay out of your own way. The Universe has its ebb and flow.

In your quest to reach your goals, or hit your target, you may have over-extended, over-done, or over-sold yourself. Be careful of what you are peddling and pushing. Perhaps you have been sold a bill of goods that you can not afford. Biting off more than you can chew, gives you more than what you bargained for. Over-indulging and excesses can lead you down a path you’d rather not go. Cut your losses early, salvage what you can and move on.


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