~ Its a bit of a nomadic day. That is ………until the void ends and the Moon dives headfirst into Aries at 4:00 PM, EDT. You will then be ready to butt heads. Just sayin. You will feel compelled to be direct and impulsive. You will be joined by those around you on the same fast track: hence, the head butting urge. Its time for emotional new beginnings. If there is an area in your life where you want to make a fresh start, set the table now. This Aries Moon culminates with a brand new ‘Urgent Moon at 28 degrees Aries’ on April 18. Check your chart and make a new start in whatever area where you find the action-orientated ruler of Mars.

Later today, at 9:07 PM, ‘Pluto-in-Capricorn at 15 degrees’ stations (I.e. stands still). The pressure will stop; you get the picture. Now is the time to make the necessary changes. He has brought to the surface all of the absurd, ridiculous crap, sewage that has been bogging you down.  It is during the Retrograde of Pluto that he *urges* you to let go of that old stuff you have been carrying around.  Get rid of It all. It has mold and mildew growing all over it.

Check the expiration dates; some of this stuff is sooooooooooo old. Note: you have been carrying some of it since childhood. You’ve been trying it on lately and it does not fit. Looked like hell back then, and still does. It has lost its luster. It stinks and frankly, it looks ridiculous. Toss it. Back the dumpster up, clean out the cellar and the attic. That is the job of choice when Pluto takes his trip underground. To use an old childhood saying, “If you don’t like it, lump it ….take it down the road and dump it.”

Ahhhh ——– Night Night. You settle down to a good night’s sleep ready to plan your personal restructure / reorg.  A total renovation job (life makeover) in your Aries sector. …….and may I add, its a good idea to think things through. Lighten your load.

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