~ As the Moon leaves detached Aquarius and heads toward the soft, elusive billowing clouds of Pisces at 4:14 pm, you turn up the volume on your internal compassion generator. Earlier in the day, Mercury blows a kiss to the Moon with some soft spoken and charming words. The ‘Winged Messenger’ should add value to any business meeting, transaction or negotiation that you have on the agenda, especially early in the day.

As the clock ticks down and the work day fades, so do you. The energy of the Pisces Moon is retiring; so you must stay on your toes to make certain that important information is not overlooked or misunderstood. Any tensions of the day happen when reality collides with the way that you wish things were. Best forget about the way it should be, that kind of thinking leads you to popping the cork and throwing yourself a pity party. Boundaries fade and its easy to get taken in by the sob story of the day. After dinner, you must stay alert to the old adage “that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Time to be practical.

As for your interpersonal relationships, you know the rapport you have with ‘Your Significant Others, whoever they may be. Saturn and Venus mix it up in the last few hours of the day and all that love and understanding can get lost in the dark. The taskmaster will have you standing on edge. The tension revolves around your Saturn issues clashing with the ‘Lady of Love and Luxury.’ If you are not on solid ground, Saturn points out any cracks in the foundation of your critical relationships.

By now, you know the taskmaster’s drill. He is only interested in doing what is right when it comes to your long-term goals. He is really not interested in hearing about your feelings. He is all about business and he is truly only looking out for what is in your best interest. Saturn is about discipline and working together towards future goals. Keep the stories for another time. He wants accountability. He wants to know about going forward and using resources for lasting value. As in “The Three Little Pigs:” build a house of brick, not straw or sticks.

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