Monday APRIL 13, 2015

~ Could be a “Crash, Boom, Bang” kind of day, perhaps week, for many on the east coast. The blaring Monday morning alarm kicks off the day in a startling fashion. The Moon-in-Aquarius drops the gloves and the Goddess goes a few rounds with Mars. “Wait —- who started that?”

Ever notice that it “appears” to be one person is accused of starting problems but the smug one who tries to lay low was actually doing “the starting.” Things are not always what they appear. Mars is  Taurus, the sign of the Bull, seethes silently. The Bull sits there with unexpressed anger until the exact, provocative moment when he charges his victim in an attempt to catch him off-guard. Whatever area of your life that is under the jurisdiction of Taurus has an issue, a bone to pick. How you are choosing to address it, is anything but direct.

Then, before you know it, the eccentric Moon wants to get carried away as she stands in opposition to Jupiter. Philosophical differences or belief systems are challenged. Overdoing it is the name of the game when these two get together. Hold on! This is not the day to stand your ground when it comes to prejudicial family conditioning. You may find that you are being twisted and tormented, even forced to take a stand. It makes no difference whether your inclination to take a stand is being forced by Family, Friend or Foe. Collect your thoughts and keep your wits about you.

Not everyone will like you. Know the price you are paying so contemplate carefully and “quietly” make your choices. Then ………..move on. Dial it back or channel your energies into a constructive project. The evening promises to bring a welcome break from all the crap of the day. Friends, also known as the people who have your back, instinctively deliver brilliant insight or needed diversions in a timely manner. Stick with them.

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