~ This morning, you’ll be wanting to linger a little bit longer under the covers and have that second cup of coffee in bed. It will be ‘a must’ to start this day. The pesky, pessimistic Capricorn Moon had it out with Mercury-in-Aries, right in the middle of your sleep time, (4:15 AM/EDT). They covered you with a cumbersome quilt of worry, doubt and anxiety making certain your nighttime slumber was restless.  The feeling lingers around even after the sun comes up.

You are looking to “get somewhere.* However, your trusted road map is not working. ‘Mars sextile Neptune’ energy dominates much of the late morning, moving in for exact at 1:23 PM. So you will be better off intuiting your direction. Put your antennae up and trust your internal GPS. You’ll be able to “pick up” thoughts and feelings or grab a solution as it floats around you in the airwaves. You may want to take some time out for personal ‘Reflection and Meditation.’

As we get closer to 1:44 PM, the Moon slips into detached Aquarius.  This indicates that it is ‘Time to Detach’; perhaps even take a step backwards. You might want to take a few hours to let your thoughts gel. Move them around in your head before you commit them to paper or speaking out. Like a precision-cut jig saw puzzle piece, you ‘know’ its all going to fit. It’s just that right now, you cannot see the actual pattern.

Get ‘out of doors.’  Do something different. Venus, Uranus and Moon mix it all up and for something “out of the ordinary” …was that a bolt of lightning? Ahhh ——- Venus-in-Gemini loves to keep it changeable and lively.  She is very entertained, intrigued and sometimes enlightened by Moon-in-Aquarius.

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