~ The ‘Goddess of Love and Luxury’ enters Gemini at 11:28 AM and these twins just may put a whole new spin on what it means to be “flexible and changeable.” The Goddess has a ‘meeting of the minds’ with a Pluto-Uranus Square. Oh ……. and I bet you thought we were done with that ‘turn everything upside down dynamo.’  Nope, ——the two stay within a few degrees for a while. Some of you will still be feeling their energy whenever one of the other planets, the sun or the moon triggers either one of them. Their influence will hang around for the rest of this year at a bare minimum.

Back to the twins: love and lively relationships may be full to the brim with a heaping dose of communication as the icing on the cake. They hang around until the 7th of May. The twins are not impressed with the strong silent type. They are looking for a ‘sweet, witty, stimulating and clever talker’ who can keep it interesting. If not, they will move on. When the Goddess is in this place, so will you,’  regardless of where your planets line up. There will be a whole lotta joking, teasing, and flirting happening which may be off the charts. You are looking for interesting and unpredictable. Otherwise, you may be contemplating greener grass. Boring doesn’t cut it, you have zero tolerance for the routine and mundane right now.

Venus-in-Gemini meets up with the energy of Mercury, Neptune and Pluto.  This throws ‘the twins’ and your relations a curve ball.  Things can get shaky under Neptune’s spell ——— its a real cosmic mish-mash and spills over into Sunday. The two sides of Gemini may be difficult to integrate. Schedule loosely and don’t hem yourself or others in. However, this too, shall pass. Stay on guard. Things can flip back to their original state just as fast as they began to change. Adopt the Scouts motto right now: “Be Prepared.” Being ready for anything is half the battle.

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