~ Here you go, straight into the weekend, put your game face on. The Moon leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn at 8:47 AM this Friday morning. She’s all pumped up, ready to take charge – and take care of business.  This TGIF has the feel of a full productive work day. You can accomplish tasks in a consistent and dedicated manner. Happy Hour might not be so much fun with the ruler of Capricorn ‘aka Saturn’ in charge. He is already thinking ahead preparing his  “I have to do” lists. – and with your Inner Critic on the prowl, he’ll be bringing up every instance where you failed to produce a favorable result during this past week, month, year. Yes, that could put a damper on your cocktail party.

Saturn is definitely not the life of the party. Under his influence, this Moon is not frivolous, fun or frolicking. Put Luna to work. She will be much happier and you will feel better by accomplishing all of the things that are looming on your to-do list. You’ll want to be doing things that have a purpose. A job well done today makes your “Goddess of Emoting” very happy.

As the sunset disappears and the skies darken, this Capricorn Moon meets up with Mars for a nightcap. You are feeling good; in sync. Your thinking, feeling and acting functions are all working in perfect harmony. Add some soothing trance-inducing music – and you’re in the zone.’ Your instincts are on heightened alert. Mercury, Pluto and Uranus will help you come up with more than a few answers to some ongoing issues and perplexing questions in your life. Your intuition is at a high point. Get your ideas ready, the New Moon on the 18th is not so far away.

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