~ Mercury is strong and very inclined to display his Trickster Side. Like quicksilver, the messenger delivers his words with lightning speed. Oh wait, what was that? Before you can absorb what is being delivered, it changes. On paper and through time and space, this guy shoots out his words, thoughts and communications like an automatic, rapid-fire, delivery system.

The die is cast: the fates have spoken. Jupiter is “On Stage in Leo.” He is strutting his stuff, al decked out in full regalia and adorned with bling. You can spot him a mile away. Grandstanding is a sport with Jupiter-in-Leo. The peacocks are out in full force. After a long winter’s nap, Jupiter’s backward motion is finally going forward. The ‘Big Guy’ is eager to show off. Today’s Sagittarius Moon can push with the help of his brother’s fire sign to over-do; not that he needs any help with grandiose displays.

All in all, it is a grand day with glowing harmonious aspects radiating out from the Sagittarius Moon. You are all about *More.* The more the merrier. Your bags are packed and you are ready to go ……..either literally or figuratively. Your sights are set on distant shores and new horizons. You have faith, hope and pixie dust in your pocket and you are sporting your rose-colored glasses. When the Moon is in Sagittarius, she is at her most optimistic self and willing to let go of things. Do ”take it easy” because you may be inclined to over-extend yourself.


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