~  Today, the Sun meets up with Uranus and even if you think you are conservative and conventional – – think again. From the moment you wake up, absolutely nothing will be routine or boring. When these two get together, the ‘rebel within’ comes out to play. They make a statement or grab your attention, one way or another.

You’ll be stepping up or stepping out in a manner which may raise a few eyebrows. However, just maybe it will be your eyebrows that will be raised in disbelief. Something about the way you are unique or different gets noticed. Be prepared for unexpected, uncontrolled, unforeseen and unpredictable events.

The Moon continues to lurk in the deep waters of Scorpio and controversy is rumbling below the surface.  The intensity meter increases as love and betrayal set the table for a banquet that may leave a sour taste in your mouth. Scorpio likes his secrets and you might not be privy to everything that is going on. If you want information, you will have to dig, do some research, or investigate. Keep a trusted confidant who can help save your sanity as well as make you feel a whole lot safer. Scorpio Moons can deliver emotional extremes, especially when under a fiery-hot Aries Sun.

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