Easter Eggs Lace


On this day of New Beginnings I thank the heavens that there are some people *we just can’t get rid of*.   In our attempts to keep up with the ever evolving lifestyles and trends, I am happy to see that some have not thrown out that old-fashioned homemade family holiday of yesteryear to embrace a more chic stylized holiday. So many have opted out of the all important (extended) family holiday gatherings and in doing so have lost the essence of what life is really all about. There is something so heart warming to sit around and listen to those same ole stories for the 1000th time. Its old-fashioned love, understanding and compassion that passes the test of time.

In these days of *disposal* everything, some so easily discard that which doesn’t fit in; is broken, or is not the right color, shape or size. In doing so there is no glue, nothing to hold it all together when family becomes arbitrary.

As I contemplate the meaning of the day: New Beginnings. I touch those indelible marks of love that remain forever on my heart, the sounds, sight and smells of holidays past that reside in my head. The memories of *home* of times back then that still remain. The memories of what *home* will be in days to come. I cherish that *home* within me that will always be, and for that I am thankful…

Time travel is a luxury – forward and backwards  – it’s for those that love. It does not matter how many years have gone by, you know who they are, there will always be place for them at your holiday table, it goes both ways. There are some things you just know. They wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would you.  There are some people you just can’t get rid of – – they are the ones we love beyond all time… Who can’t you get rid of?


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