~ Resurrection is a textbook example of Sun-Pluto ‘challenging aspects.’ Today, this glorious Easter Sunday morning, we are challenged to address themes of birth and death in our personal lives. On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It is on this day, according to Christian teachings, that Jesus was raised from the dead. This happened three days after his crucifixion. It was through this act that he paid for the sins of all those who believe in him. Easter marks a time of rejoicing. As the Christian rite tells us – it is a time to don something new and celebrate life-everlasting, the promise of the ‘Risen Christ.’

As today’s moon is void, it lends itself to contemplation, meditation and prayer. As the day moves forward and the moon enters Scorpio at (3:04 PM ET), we go deeper and prepare for the changing tide and the gifts that Easter promises. Regeneration, Renewal and Rising from the Ashes. Becoming empowered is what this energy is all about. The secret is to rise again stronger than ever; whether it is you that have initiated the changes or it is changes forced upon you by circumstances.

By dinner time, you will be ‘rolling in the deep’ and facing the extremes. Beginnings and endings, something deep is happening on a soul level. It is here, in the sign of Scorpio, that we take a chance and connect with Others. Expect conversations to be profound and meaningful. Things will be anything but superficial. Behind the scenes, there are undercurrents rumbling. You’ll have to look beyond the surface for understanding and there is certainly more to it than meets the eye.

Care needs to be taken and given because this moon is possessive and jealous. Scorpio energy is subtle, but don’t let that fool you because *still waters run deep.* As nightfall darkens, this Scorpio Moon smacks into Mars-in-Taurus. You may find yourself taken aback by the Scorpion’s sting or having to sidestep the Bull as he fixes his gaze on his target. You will rise to the top if you can harness this intensity, keep your wits about you and fortify yourself with an unwavering commitment to a new beginning.


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