~ At this juncture, we have arrived at the eclipse point. We are marking this date as a time of new beginnings, of turning over new leaves, and game changing opportunities. Its a time when we come face-to-face with the necessary changes we need to make for health and hearth. New friends, new relationships and new commitments. We say good bye to the old, outdated and outmoded. Now you know, you’ve read the script but perhaps you don’t quite feel ready for the role. Regardless of your mental state of preparedness, at 8 AM Eastern Daylight time, we will all experience a total eclipse of the moon.

“Stay tuned, we’ll be right back;” that old familiar warning of impending action. Snippets of coming attractions that we are teased with before the upcoming blockbuster hit of the season. We can feel the anticipation rise.  Are you ready for opening night? Will the premier be a success? Will you forget your lines?  Each spring, at the equinox, we start “Anew.” We read our scripts and we practice our lines. Some  of us love our new roles while others have mixed emotions. A few of us never played this part before but all of us are hoping it is a stellar year and eventually we may walk the red carpet to pick up our Oscar.

You are challenged to reach deep down, to bring forth the authentic character needed for this next phase. The actual eclipse takes place at 8:06 AM on the east coast. The whole impact literally takes place in a little under five minutes. In that powerful five minutes of time, the “shortest eclipse of the century,” the entire moon is bathed in a copper red glow. This stunning red color commonly referred to as the ‘Blood on the Moon’ is a result of all the sunsets and sunrises occurring simultaneously around the rim of the globe. WOW  – – the intense energy from these two celestial bodies is frozen to play out over the next six to eighteen months.

We have had our share of Blood Moons lately. The first occurred on April 15th, 2014 and the next was October 8, 2014. Today and then another will take place on September 28th. These four occurring in such a short timeframe is a rare event in world history and the themes that they link together are extremely unique and powerful. The last time this occurred was ten years ago and we won’t see this again until 2032. In 2005, that eclipse brought love and unity into your life. Now, it is time for renewal; to align and balance. It is through acceptance, embracing the dark side of your moon and ‘Your Others’ that you can truly know love.

Rejecting, denying, or suppressing the shadow only enables the rapid and continued growth of your dark side. That which you resist  – –  persists. Say hello, introduce yourself, it is there, it can do no harm if you don’t turn it into an enemy. It is your light within that reflects your beauty. It illuminates the path to your greatest achievements and warms your coldest nights and darkest days.

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