~ Kick back — the moon is void all day long. This gives you a chance to catch up on whatever it is you have been working on. – so take advantage of this scenario. If you can grab some R & R, then please do so. The weekend could be rocky and you will want and need your wits about you. If you have planets or heavenly bodies in the flight path of this total lunar eclipse, you may seeing the “writing on the wall.” Things could become very clear as Mercury-in-Aries teams up with Saturn-in-Sagittarius in a harmonious trine.  It is a good day to make some positive tracks in the right direction.

The Moon is in Virgo until 3:07 AM (tomorrow). Care should be taken when ingesting food, especially junk food. Your body is susceptible to harmful substances when the moon is in Virgo. It is a fabulous day for a cleansing detox.  The full moon is building toxins on all levels while the body will seek to release them.

With the Aries-Libra Axis as the headliner of this total eclipse, I fully expect a few relationships to fall victim and be eclipsed. Endings and Beginnings : Beginnings and Endings, you just cannot have one without the other. Focus on ‘love’ and the things to which you are committed. Follow your passions and take out an insurance policy. Life offers no guarantees. You have the opportunity now to take positive steps into your future. Clear out what you don’t want and make room for what you do. Know when to leave the table; when love is no longer being served…

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