~ The Fog rolls in as the Moon and Neptune try their best to distort the energy of the day which is loaded with early morning opposition. What? Is it all a dream? Is it for real as you wipe the sleep from your eyes? Not sure if you are awake or still dreaming? Some of you will be fooled but soon there’ll be ‘no’ April Fools for you. The practical, down-to-earth Virgo Moon makes a clearing and for the rest of the day, the Virgo Moon will have you performing on Cue.  Work, Duty and Service – – She simply has no time for playing around or daydreaming.

The “Goddess of Perfection” will pick up a scent on the trail of the prankster in a nanosecond. She rarely misses a trick. Her attention to detail and keen eye is hyper-vigilant. You’ll feel good as you cross off item after item on your to-do list; kudos to Virgo. You’ll be wanting to fix, organize and put everything in its proper place. Everything & Everybody that is: including yourself.

Uh Oh!!! – – Take it easy, being so close to the eclipse point, you could inadvertently light a few powder kegs. Focus on your to-do list. Put your energy into cleaning and troubleshooting. Health and diet issues are on the front burner. Arrange your schedule today to make the best use of your time.

If you are a night owl, you’ll be able to cash in on any creative efforts. Therapy in the form of love and kindness: that’s what friends are for. Share some tender moments and let the goddess of love and luxury bestow her gifts upon you.

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