31 Mars


~ Where was your fire burning yesterday  – -and – – has it settled down? A good many of us are still flying high. The headliner today is Mars, “the what” that motivates you to take action. Mars enters the sign of the Bull. Yep. Taurus. Whatever house he is in will get the “bull in a china shop” action. What is driving you? You can expect a few upsets in that area. Taurus can be a gentle, calming and consistent influence, but once this bull gets something locked in his sights  – – word to the wise – – “Watch Out.”  It will be pretty hard to outrun the Bull. The Bull likes useful tasks that will produce concrete results, so stick to his program.

The Eclipse is the caboose or is it the engine for this week’s action? Waking you up this upcoming Saturday morning at 8:06 AM on the east coast. Do you hear the whistle blowing as it rounds the bend?  Stay tuned….

The moon enters Virgo at 2:12 PM (Tuesday) this afternoon, so pay close attention to details. The lady has no time for nonsense or inconsequential matters. She has a purpose with health, diet and work efficiency on her agenda. She can be ruthless in her unattainable pursuit for perfection. Curb your ‘Inner Nit Picker.’ Let her pick away, to her hearts delight, on your junk drawer or hallway closet. Give yourself, and the other humans in your environment a break.

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