30 mars


~ Looks like we have ourselves a ‘Hot Monday’ in the forecast. Perhaps, it will even be sizzling for some of us….and for a few, not in any way we would like. Get out the Party Hats and put on your dancing shoes. Like the iconic TV show, ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’ this day may hold some surprises behind any door you choose. Not knowing what is behind each door  keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. You can really ‘cash in.’ Positive outcomes derived through relationships head you down a golden road, paved with financial benefits. Be mindful that Venus is in the air and spreading her gifts.

With the eclipse point drawing closer and closer, I do also expect a few sticks of dynamite to ignite. It is the morning ‘rush hours’ on the east coast when the Moon-in-Leo collides with Pluto — then Venus — and then Uranus. This energy will be at its strongest from 7 AM onwards. Later in the afternoon, the Goddess of Emoting joins Chiron for ‘tea’. They could rip open an emotional wound for many of you. Intense feelings are bubbling near the surface, with eclipse points being triggered. Be on full alert because you may be vulnerable and susceptible to impulsive response. The end result equals a few apple carts being turned upside down or right side up. Chiron always provides an opportunity to heal and offers you a heaping spoon of medicine. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will also get a “spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.” You can heal and feel great if you take your remedy.

Mercury is slipping out of Pisces and into a red-hot zone at 9:44 PM EDT. He is all fired up. If you have a mission, feel compelled to defend yourself or need to get your point across, you’ll have a couple weeks under the ‘adrenaline pusher Aries.’ Need someone’s head on a silver platter? Mercury-in-Aries is armed with fierce words that cut sharply. The Winged Messenger will deliver in the sign of the Warrior. Just as Mercury is departing Pisces, the 29th degree is triggered.

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