29 Mars


~ As you begin to climb from the deep, inner recesses of your private thoughts, (somewhat dark space) you begin to discover within your soul; THAT, which you need to express. Sometimes, the cycles of the celestial bodies just don’t make plain sense. If only we had *all-seeing eyes,* we would clearly understand their purpose. Just after midnight, at 1:47 AM EDT the fog lifts and we break free into the light. “Lights – Action – Camera” as the moon takes center stage in the sign of Leo until 2:12 PM EDT

The jitters are gone but replaced by the anticipation of the upcoming stage. You begin to feel a bubbling, creative life-force within you and are now ready to ‘bring it forth.’ The Sun meets up with Neptune in a slightly jarring manner; adding to a magical, mystical and creative display. This push might be just what you need. A good dose of music, a pinch of drama, and a heaping cupful of sensitivity will create either a dreamlike environment or an undercurrent of anxiety.

If you can “simmer down” this super-sized cosmic cocktail, you will be pretty impressed with the end result. Stay the course. Keep your feet on the ground and break a leg as the well wishers tell you in the world of theater. The show must go on and ‘no one can play you’ better than you. Great dancers are not great because of their technique: they are great because of their passion. Trust your heart and “Follow The Love.”


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