~ ‘Friends and Family!’ Just like store-wide clearances and discounts, while the moon is in Cancer, the Universe extends its version of the *Friends and Family* promotion. This is the two and a half days a month when lunar activity revolves around home and what home means to you. When the memo goes out for the emotions to come home, the Goddess of Emoting (Luna), is in her happy place and ready to embrace things that mean the most to you.

You are in that place where all is private and secluded like the attic or basement of your house.  Not everyone knows what is down there and in some case neither do you. It is like you are stumbling around in the dark and when you reach into that old box labeled souvenirs; you will surprise yourself at how the feelings and emotions will flow naturally. As you wander around here, you just know things –  – yep, you know it.

Mom, children or any nurturing theme comes to the forefront. Making your place safe, secure and loving is the order of the day. Domestic security. Loyalty is the name of the game. And as always, when the Goddess is here, she sends her kisses and you’ll know *who is there for you.* Besides that “knowing” deep in your gut, Goddess knows enough to ground that message in words, thoughts or deeds. If you are cranky and feeling irritated, that is just lunar trying to tell you what is missing and what you need. At two minutes before 10 PM on the east coast of the of the USA, she drops the gauntlets and has it out with Mars – its all good. This stuff is old, outdated and more than overdue for a trip to the curb on garbage night.

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