~ This is one of those days that self-discipline will not be a consideration for you when making your to-do list. So, if you have fun scheduled – – great. If you have to do a few tasks that require being responsible or doing something in moderation, you could be “slacking” or “wasteful.” Projects that started at the new moon may run into obstacles. You’ll want to check your bank balance or do an inventory check before you allot or spend your resources…. remember your metaphors.

If you are taking on a project and it requires the energy of a twenty year old and the wisdom of a sixty year old. Perform an audit to insure you don’t come up short or over-extend yourself. It is easy to be rolling in the deep. Things can get you in over your head pretty damn quickly. Over-indulgences, over-extension, over-active and over-confidence are prominent today. Be ultra aware of anything with the prefix “over.” Be damn sure that whatever you’re involved in is not over your head before you jump in.

The moon, is waxing poetic in Cancer and is on a sentimental journey. You are seeking home. You’ll be very sensitive and want the quiet, soothing, calm and comfort of your what ever being home is to you. Your nest is the lure….far away from the maddening crowd. Grab that box of old photos and enjoy the stroll down memory lane. Light scented candles and play whatever tunes delight your soul.  Secret Secluded Hide Aways & Guilty Pleasures highlight the day .

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