a good laugh


 ~ Most of us will start the day on the east coast of North America at 8:35 AM with a harmonious flow from the Moon-in-Gemini through to Mars-in-Aries. You are fully in sync. You’re thinking and action mechanisms are firing in beautiful harmony on all cylinders. You are effective and efficient. Yep, you are in perfect choreographic step with the cosmic beat. A stellar performance is in the bag. You put it all together, reminiscent of the ease with which you complete a precision cut jigsaw puzzle when you are “in the zone.”

Get ‘er done sooner than later because the Moon slips into Cancer at 3:45 PM. Oh and wait – – you didn’t see that coming and you’re wondering why you’re so sensitive? Grab the tissue box, pull out the old crock pot or soup maker. You need your chicken soup, scented candles and guilty pleasures. Oops, don’t forget the ruby slippers and put Toto on your lap. “There’s no place like home.” Click your heels together and there you go. Have your family over for dinner – it is comfort food Thursday and Friday this week. You are not gonna wanna deal with anything “out there.” You will need your peace and quiet, comfort and seclusion!

The topic d’jour will be how we love, the things we love and what you are willing to do for that love.  You will know and feel any and every lack thereof, just like the Princess and Pea. On a stack of twelve down-filled mattresses, that tiny pea feels like a boulder. Dependencies and Needfulness are knocking on your door. This energy is best spent with family, sitting around the table and sharing a sentimental journey. Oh – – you can get by without that, however the lunar cycle is endless and before you know it – right back at you – here comes the Cancer moon reminding you of what is missing in your life. We all need the love, safety and security of ‘home and hearth.’

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