~ If you are a night owl, you can cash in on some potent energy. So it is time to ‘give a hoot’ and focus. However, not all owls hoot but they do make a wide range of sounds. Screeches, whistles, barks, growls, rattles and hisses are all part of the vocal repertoire for this nocturnal species.

You may find yourself having a highly engaging “overnight” while the moon is void. However, while there is still plenty of daylight, the works and words of Gemini continue seeking and gathering facts for fun or keeping in touch. A “rolling stone gathers no moss,” and the days under lunar Gemini are changeable. So much so that you’ll have to make sure you have some crazy glue to quickly hold things together. It is very likely you’ll be here, there and everywhere: scattering your energies in possibly too many directions. All fun and games; that is, if you don’t ‘have to’, ‘need to,’ or ‘want to’ accomplish much of anything.

For those tasks that need focus, grab a latte late afternoon around 3:25 PM on the east coast.  The Sun-in-Aries sweetly exchanges its goodies with Saturn-in-Sagittarius and you will be primed to channel your constructive energy where needed. You’ll end up feeling pretty good about your alignment with this harmonious connection.  Ahhhh  – – dinner time brings some healing energy or the obvious call for some. A heart-to-heart with a BFF, or a sibling, should be used to unite and heal. Weak links and broken chains are painful and can trickle down to cause damage if not addressed.

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