what if confetti


~ Open up your journals and your mind as well. Find your voice as the Bull lays down where the grass is greener. Words are the resources when the Moon is in Gemini and those words can come in many forms. You’ll have your choice from the entire dictionary so pick the ones that are suitable for you. These next few days offer you a good time “to gather” information. Facts and/or Fiction; it does not matter, Gemini loves them both. Gemini collects, it does not discriminate; that is Virgo’s job. So do take care that the info presented to you or discovered by you;  is truth. Ummmmm and don’t believe everything that you, yourself think either. Neptune is in the vicinity. Words can lift you up and take you wherever you want to go. But –  just because “it is written,” be careful because all words are not “the” WORD.

Use this time to get your act together. Reflect on ‘what you think’ and to whom that you owe your allegiance. Examine your motives and give it some deeper thought (Gemini usually does not like to spend too much time on these matters). He leaves that for his polarity friend – Sagittarius. Express your ideas and bounce them around. This is what blood friends and family are for ….those folks who are ruled by Gemini’. That special kind of (no agenda) friend or sibling who will hold up a mirror in front of you, so you can see yourself clearly, is worth their weight in gold. Lip service and politically correct social niceties should be left for your friends at the club and your neighbors that don’t have ‘perma glue’ DNA with you.

That is the purpose and precisely why Gemini is here, there, and all over the place. It is a safe place to examine your thoughts.  We have a late afternoon ‘opposition to Saturn from the Moon’ around 5:53 PM, at the dinner hour, which may help you focus. You will be looking for a ‘ship of safety’ and an anchor to keep you steady. Moon squares Neptune as it careens toward the midnight hour. Feeling confused, perhaps from too many thoughts, especially if you have unleashed the drunken monkeys. Grab a good book or escape with a movie and drift off to dreamland. Never mind trying to figure out ‘fact from fiction.’ Mercury, the trickster, is on the prowl with his ever elusive friend Neptune.

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