What if 23


~ Uh Oh; do you hear that? It is a warning siren wailing in the distance. Looks like there is more to come as celestial bodies hurl through the universe toward Friday’s late night Square. Apparently, this last week was only the first round. The theme of “Heaven and Hell” continues to be extremely active during this eclipse season. Aries carries some pretty powerful energy and right from the ‘get go,’ the Martian Warrior shoots first and asks questions later.

This Red Hot Aries mode usually burns itself out before it produces anything lasting. Saturn is in the neighborhood and we all know what that means. If you can get these two working together, Saturn provides the Warrior with the endurance and follow-through necessary to do some good. Probably best to put on your extended-view glasses and look far enough ahead. Foresight is how Saturn rolls.

This is the scene: You’re sitting at the Black Jack Table and it is time for a new deal. Should you request a new deck?  Now, if you have a pile of winnings sitting on the table, and you’ve been counting cards, you can calculate your chances. If you’ve run up a tab, have a shortfall, then you may want all the advantage that a full fresh deck could provide. Either way, it seems that the cosmic powerhouse is headed straight for a reenactment of the christian high holy day commemorating the Crucifixion of Christ. It all wraps up with the fall action of the lunar eclipse.

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