~ Venus and Mars both Aries conjunct at 12:13 AM, kicking off the first social Sunday of spring. If you have not laid down some plans for your new astrological New Year, these two will give you a push and a shove. You’ll be fired up. Later, at 7:28 PM, Luna takes the Bull by the horns. She enters Taurus which inspires sensual delights and a hedonistic engagement with alcohol and drugs. Drinks and parties blanket the landscape all over the cosmic map today. The Moon-in-Taurus sets off an emotional need for earthly comforts today, which are off the charts. So this is a prime time to “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow is another day.” That is the mantra of the Lady as she indulges.

2015 makes available three meetings of the high energy, super magnetic duo of ‘Mars and Venus.’  You will not be content to sit passively on the sidelines, nor will you take kindly to ”being told what to do.” You will be engaged and you’ll take a few risks. This energy will attract to you “interesting others” who you’d like to get to know. All things happen to bring into your life that which you need. When Venus and Mars hook up, you radiate charm, are attractive and important relationships are incubated. Like a spark that ignites and catches fire, it takes on a whole new life of its own.

The last few days unfolded and served up some pretty clear indicators of your future. A couple of doors slammed shut and some new doors magically appeared. Through the fog and ‘un-reality,’ you step into the future anew. Not knowing where it is all leading, yet knowing you are filled with hope and unbridled optimism.


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