~ The headlines will definitely capture your attention on this first day of spring. However, all the energy that you are ready to pour into new beginnings meets with a few obstacles. The Moon in headstrong Aries meets a challenge with Pluto at 6:57 AM, fueling your fight. Pressure and power are in Pluto’s bag of tricks. Impulsiveness and immediate gratification are in Aries. Work with these two for best results.  Before you know it, Luna smacks into Uranus and you know all too well how that scene plays out.

Waiting in the wings, hitting at 7:39 AM and then again at 7:54 AM, Saturn and Jupiter present the following possible scenarios: “if I do this, then that won’t work, and if I do that, I ‘ll have to do that, and I definitely don’t want to do that.” In short, you will not be happy with the choices/obstacles you may encounter.

There seems to be no way out that will “work well” for you on this lovely Saturday morning. I recommend that you have plan A, B and C loosely outlined as back-up. I also suggest that you pad your schedule to give yourself some wriggle room in case adjustments are required. The “Red Hot Aries” Moon slams into “Red Hot Mars” in the same sign at 6:51 PM kicking off a twelve hour void.

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