~ Good Morning – not sure whether it is or not? Well, that’s because you are looking through Neptune’s fog. The Moon joined Mercury and Neptune in Pisces and we all have a double dose of the Goddess’s Cosmic Cocktail. What is in that drink anyway?  Open your eyes and take a look around, that is, if you can. Is everything looking and feeling surreal?

Listen carefully to what you are receiving. The veil between heaven and earth blurs.  Those clear boundary line are lifted and you are very receptive to messages from beyond. That’s all well and good if you are up a few rungs on the stairway to heaven, but here on earth – tread carefully and avoid stepping on toes, whether intentional or unintentional. Pay Attention. Someone is sending you instructions, directions or insight. Are you amazed? Do you believe in coincidence? Today is a day to just enjoy what you are both sending or receiving. Listen intently and let things connect naturally. You’ll be using some of these communications to prep for ‘your’ new beginning on Friday the 20th.  This hangs for a few days so use it tap to into your sources. Wisdom is within your reach. Go with the flow

Expect a 7 AM wake up call to be an epic fail. The Moon entered Pisces at 6:58 AM and the day will be a waking dream. Could feel like you’re wading through the fog. UN-reality has you questioning your world. Look beyond. Is it a bit like Alice’s trip through the looking glass? Let things be and know that you are supposed to be seeing and feeling the world through this lens. Believe it or not   –  Yep, Ripley has his hand in the making of today and you’ll be muttering those words throughout much of the day.


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