~ St Patrick’s Day is a great day to break away from your routine. The two days a month that the moon takes on the Aquarian flavor can feel like a mini vacation for your heart and soul. Take advantage of an opportunity to fly the coop. Unusual and unconditional events could provide a series of stimulating situations today which can capture your attention. A glimpse into the future and/or new ways of relating under the Aquarian Moon are highlighted.

Now, a good way to check if you are wound too tight, is if you cannot adapt easily to changing conditions. You know you are on edge if you don’t take well to change. How will you handle it if you are forced to cope with an unexpected, broken schedule?

Treat yourself to some “Taurus loving and luxury.” The lady moves into the sign of the Bull at 5:15 AM and seeks material comforts that make her feel safe and secure. Treat yourself to your own particular brand of pampering.

Mercury and Neptune have some plans to meet up – one can never be sure what these two will manifest.  They can create and enable some very favorable artistic expression with ease or can just bring confusion and disillusion to your personal circumstances. Communications can be a little bit less than honest. You’ll start to feel this aspect at day’s end even though they meet tomorrow at day’s beginning. This hazy effect can linger. Ummm ……………. this is the perfect manifestation for those blessed with the  *Gift of the Gab.* Expect to hear a few “Tall Green Tales.”

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