~  Beware of the “Ides of March.” Here comes forty-eight hours of TNT and I am not talking TV land drama enjoyed from the comfy cushions on your couch. This is the ‘dynamite’ kind. A highly explosive material which, when ignited, is used to blow up and demolish. Composed of nitroglycerine and clay-like substances, these once used weapons of war are no longer the choice of military solely because of their unstable nature. Just lightly jostling these wax-covered tootsie rolls could set off an explosion. Heed this warning: it won’t take much to ignite this explosive material and blow to smithereens everything in its range.

Therein lies the nature of the ‘Pluto and Uranus’ dynamic duo. This ‘Astro’ dynamite has been making headlines for the last two and half years when they met on seven different occasions. This is their last date for a while, (Exact late : on the 16th). They will not meet again for one hundred and twenty-five years. This week goes down as follows: *It could be Heaven or it could be Hell.*  It draws to a close next Friday with an eclipse on the 20th.

The moon is in Capricorn and kicks off this Sunday morning with a series of potent aspects to Uranus, Pluto, and Mars. All this activity makes for an action-packed morning. This cosmic salad combo can be erratic and edgy as the rigid and stern Mountain Goat comes up against these elements this morning.

Just like the anti-lock and anti-skid functions on your vehicle, If you are the least bit insecure, your inner critic will kick into Preservation Mode. ‘Slow to reveal emotions’ will be an understatement on this icy morning. If you can tap into your spiritual side and connect with Pisces-in-Neptune; you can cash out with some pretty “heavenly parting gifts.” Let the Magic unfold as divine energy radiates and electrifies.

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