saturday march 14, 2015

~ Slow down – – you move too fast – – you’ve got to make the morning last. Feeling Groovy. The Lord of Karma takes a step backwards and things can get stuck. Today, he comes to a standstill. There’s a few things he forgot. If you think you’re finished, think again. It’s not yet ‘time for a wrap.’ Hello lamppost, Whacha knowing?

Saturn’s modus operandi is to afford you three opportunities to get it right. I guess this is where the saying “three times a charm” comes into play. You try and try and try; then Saturn passes out the goodie bags. Forget about the immediate gratification. Saturn is about lasting values. You’re laying the groundwork for a solid future. This is the time to break your bad habits. Head in a new direction. It’s time to set a new agenda for your upcoming Saturn cycle. Today, the Moon in Capricorn adds a serious tone to the tasks at hand which makes things a bit edgy. You’re ready for the change.

If you’re thinking of settling accounts and seeking retribution: Think Twice.  Effectually, the opportunity at hand is to re-set the tone, theme and directional flow of your Karma. Make yours positive. Choose construction – not destruction.

Saturn’s path reveals intentions made manifest in physical form. Keep yours authentic and pure. Use this time to care for your gardens; extend the growing season. Put love, life and energy into the people, places, and projects in your life that you want on a winning trajectory. All living things have a life of their own. And like all living things; careers, jobs, relationships, and dreams will die if left unattended. Guarantee now, during this retrograde phase, what *it is* that you want back on the right path. In the next few months, Saturn will go back and forth over sensitive spots in your chart three times. This provides you the chance to “Three Times a Charm.”

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