~ Clear (er) Skies and Calm (er) Waters are the order of the day. But  – – not so fast. Communications will start to take place on a dream-like level, lending confusion and clamor to all your verbal directives. Mercury takes ‘flights of fancy’ during the next three week’s hiatus in the sign of Pisces. Now this can soften words, thoughts, and deeds. But to the uninspired, it lends to deception and delusion. Tap into your faith; meditate and rise above the fray. Wear stilettos, stand on a chair, climb a tree  –  do whatever it takes to get yourself to higher ground, even it is just a little.

Sing and Dance: let the music move you. You’ll have a hard time finding the dividing line between fact and fiction. Everything looks like a dream, edges fade, people morph into one another and reality is but a distant memory, albeit a persistent one. Everything is out of focus. The next few weeks are better suited to creative projects, prayer or yoga practice. Common sense and logic will be in short supply and “missing in action,” so don’t hurt yourself trying to make sense of it all. If you can find the truth, nail it down. The confusion meter taps out at record breaking numbers. Confusion peaks if your ego is rooted in being ‘practical and down to earth.’ You will be in store for a few surprises. That grip you think you have on reality slips through your fingers pretty quickly.

Grab onto your Sagittarius Moon and with the appropriate application of some super glue, you might be able to stabilize and comprehend the ‘UNreality’ apparition trying to elude you.  Use a healthy dose of Jupiter to find meaning and purpose in the midst of insanity.

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