~ Watch Out  – – someone is playing with matches near a keg of gunpowder. Mars collides with Uranus triggering the Uranus-Pluto Square and makes ‘running with scissors’ feel like the safer option. This is not the week to be reactive. T minus five days and counting. Act from your higher self. Put yourself on a triple 7’s program: seven-second, seven-minute, seven-day delay. Do whatever it takes – – and make sure you have your finger on that kill switch. Keep this post handy and read often. These energies foster hair-trigger reactions and, if careless, can set your world spinning in a completely different and possibly ill-fated direction.

We are not strangers to the possible outcomes that these two can produce. None of us go unscathed. Even if you have been lucky enough not to be the recipient of their mix, we all know neighbors, friends and/or family member that have, unfortunately, been paid a visit by this formidable duo. This energy does have a purpose and it can also be a damn good one. Uranus and Pluto team up to rid you of unhealthy, physically destructive, emotionally dysfunctional and over-indulging habit patterns.

The alarm has gone off. They have turned the lights on, as they throw ice water on you. The great awakener. Quit smoking, start saving, stop wasting your resources – the physical, emotional and spiritual ones. Use your talents to become who you really are or want to be.

These forces, like all of the astro influences, go down the path dictated by your Inner Wizard. Does he serve you well? What is his mindset? Is he the alchemist that turns rusty, old metal into gold or the one who turns precious diamonds to dust? Does he make the best of what you have? I think you get the picture. Do you need to fire your Inner Wizard and hire a new one that looks for the magic?

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:30 PM tonight. The heavy clouds fade and you will feel much more optimistic about upcoming attractions. Use any spare time to explore your options, seek knowledge and learn new information. Engage the Good Wizard.

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