~ The deep sea diving expedition continues in the emotional, turbulent waters of Scorpio. This day has a “there’s more than what meets the eye” vibe to it. The Scorpio Moon challenges Jupiter just after the noon-time hour. There’s a sensitivity of unknown origins that you can feel.

You run the risk that you will take on more than you can handle. Support given or received, or ‘offers of help’ to or from others, can prove to be more of a hindrance than a blessing. Misplaced Jupiter excess gives way to unbridled energy. Whatever you are feeling is intense when the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ is in Scorpio. Then, when she meets with ‘over-the-top Jupiter – yep you’ve got it’  — Mount Vesuvius can erupt.

You will need a good dose of Virgo when she is working at the top of her game in order to sort through and get to the bottom of what is ‘really” going on. Tread softly with the softness of the Sun-in-compassionate-Pisces. A ‘loving heart’ will make your heart lighter. Grab a rope or a chain and firmly tether yourself to Mother Earth so you can maintain a firm grip on reality. WOW …………The next 36 hours has some super-charged Mars and Uranus energy lighting up the skies. Better known as “FIREWORKS.”

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