~ Luna is setting the table for your workweek on Monday and it feels like you are wearing lead boots. The ‘Void Moon’ lacks motivation but is ready to take the plunge into the deep dark waters of Scorpio at 9:10 AM on the East Coast of North America. The only reliable energy might stem from the adrenaline rush some of you will get when you look at your alarm clocks this morning and realize you are already running behind.

Now, if you have planned ahead, you have waiting on deck a piece of work that will allow you to dive deep and get into the game right away. If you have things that require research, fact finding or jobs that require getting to the bottom of things – close your office door, turn off your phone and start digging. Maybe you’ve been wanting to go over those accounting records, or looking for ways to cut cost. If you have things “left unfinished, this a a great opportunity to clear them up.

If there are things simmering below the surface, they will find a chink in your armor and “get to you.” It is a perfect day to detox, deep tissue massage or any healthy therapy which helps eliminate the garbage on all levels. It is an ideal day for an old fashioned Spring Cleaning. Ohhhh  –   but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.


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