~ Don’t we all love being on the fast track? Is it real or just an illusion that we think time speeds up today. Yep, it seems like the clock is jogging faster …..and we spend the day trying not to let it get too far ahead of us. Daylight Savings Time barges in at 2:00 AM.  I welcome it.  Wooo Hooo! Everything looks brighter, feels lighter and hope springs eternal. Dear Winter, Pack your Bags. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!  Nothing personal, but we are sooooooooooo done with you this year.

Take notice if you feel like “splurging” on food, OR retail, OR whatever your particular brand of self-therapy may look like today.  You just may regret doing so as your own guilty conscience seeks to put a damper on your indulgences. It may feel good at the moment but tallies up in a deficit or as a ‘not so good idea’ in short order. Emotionally, there’s a gravitational pull that is determined to throw you off balance today. Reconciling your own emotional needs or settling down the whirlpool of those you love can have you ‘coming and going’ today.

You can get all caught up in the ‘Balance and Harmony’ game.  Two very different sides of the same coin ……and just perpetuates ‘a Never Ending Story’ under these current conditions. Going overboard causes guilt, and so does ‘not doing enough’. You are walking a tightrope. You find yourself in situations of emotional imbalances within and without that require a delicate balancing act.

People pleasing comes with a price. Could be that you are simply prevented from doing something that you would prefer doing in lieu of the “I have to” activities that you have  scheduled. The conflict inherent here is that “YOU” are choosing the ‘I have to” activity. However, you are simply just not owning your decisions and may find it easier to live with a “woe is me” mindset instead of taking charge of your life.

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