~ Mirror, Mirror on the Wall who’s the fairest of them all? Just checking because that’s what you will be doing when the ‘Moon is in Libra.’ This happens because Libra’s job is to restore balance and harmony and she is compelled to keep a running tally. “The Beauty and Harmony Scorekeeper” of the Cosmos is making sure that everything is fair and equal. Now, this can be subjective. Exactly how we decide to level the playing field can have a few heads shaking.

Additionally, you will want everything in your environment to be “beautiful”. The “Goddess of Relationships” holds court and starts weighing the pros and cons. After yesterday’s quiet day, today – not so much – as we move closer to the impending Pluto-Uranus Square.

Moon-opposite-Mars at 8:41 PM can ignite a sparring match or two. This high energy ball of fire is hard to stop. You probably won’t get all the way to ten, but at least if you start counting, you might get to 3 or 4 and may even avoid a few potentially explosive encounters. Conversations should come with warning labels and may be intense.

A healing moment takes place just before the midnight hour, when the Sun-in-Pisces conjuncts Chiron. This could leave you feeling hurt, dejected or with the need to prove or defend yourself. Take a closer look at whatever pain you are feeling. Is it real or perceived? Sometimes, upon closer examination, we find out that ‘what we are afraid of’ may be mere Paper Tigers.  Seems threatening but is ineffectual and unable to do you any real damage.

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