~ It has been a busy week! Insight and perspective; even a few breakthroughs have you looking up. The moon moves into Libra at 7:52 PM EST, so while it is still in Virgo, take advantage of ‘organizing energy’ and put everything in its proper place. Start health regimes and exercise programs.

This is when ‘the Moon in Virgo’ is at her most discerning, discriminating and detail-oriented self. She is concerned.  Oh ……Okay …….overly concerned with fixing everything. It is a time that you look at everything under a magnifying glass. Now, because the energy enables it, this is where we can all get hung up and forget our purpose. We do the first half of Virgo and then we get stuck there with our tweezers picking every last piece of lint off the fabric of our life. The never-ending quest for perfection leaves us discouraged.

However, you must remind yourself about your dharma / your purpose. Take time today to do just that; explore “The Why” you are separating the ‘Wheat from the Chaff,’ It’s purpose is to separate things of value from things of no value. Keep and treasure the things that are of value and disregard the rest.

If you can’t shake the typical virgo past-time of worrying, watch a few Disney fairy tales, play make-believe or simply indulge in some daydreams. Give yourself a break and offset the cold, critical grips of the ‘Discriminating Queen with the Magnifying Glass.

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