~ The Moon rises to full today at 1:05 PM with the help of Pluto making it’s revolutionary angle with Uranus. This is a “Lady on a Mission.” Clarification and order comes, or attempts to come, as the bright light of this Virgo moon surfaces the issues into plain view! I suspect and expect to see changes, revelations and revolutions in the area of impact.  Locate 14 degrees of Virgo in your chart and take a look around the neighborhood – and look directly across the street at 14 Pisces. What aspects are being made?  Luna reaches peak in opposition to the Sun, Neptune and Chiron who are all in square-to-Saturn.

What are you overlooking? What is the question that this picky, detail-oriented Virgo lumination is asking. The Goddess of Love, Luxury and all things you value wants to know? You need to take a closer look and practice Virgo’s craft.  Seeing everything under a microscope is her gift and her curse. Once you identify all the details, knowing what to focus your attention on’ is the reward from Virgo.

In Virgo, we separate the ‘Wheat from the Chaff’. When functioning in its most efficient and productive state, Virgo takes every morsel of the good (she is very efficient) and then discards the rest. A highly functioning Virgo simply is not  bogged down by carrying the mess of the unnecessary.

This is the “spend your days and nights doing for others” aspect. Bring order to your environment. Tension and worry are in ample supply under this full moon. Settle down your jitters and get to work on the ‘Magic of Virgo.’ It is, after all, truly representative of the Self-Sufficient One. The Goddess of the Earth (nurturer to all) is in service to mankind; making this world a better place. Get your “Virgo On.”

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