~ Sizzling Astro temperatures are climbing higher and higher as the Virgo full moon continues building a full head of steam. She reaches capacity at 1:05 PM tomorrow (Thursday, March 5) with an agenda that can be quickly turned topsy- turvy by Venus. In her final hours, before full, she starts to unravel. Venus pays an uninvited visit to Jupiter and Leo, armed with a couple of loaded aspects.

Luna-in-Virgo does not take well to having her schedule messed with. She has her pre-set routine, and she loves the efficiency of her ways. The Goddess makes her entrance and Luna can get pretty critical.  However, if you can reserve judgement, put down your magnifying glass so you just might enjoy a very interesting and pleasant encounter. The theme revolves around relationships, creativity, finances or the arts.

Let the moment permeate. Suspend your digital, intellectual characterizations and take a chance – grab the golden ring. Feel the excitement as you ride the painted ponies – you’ll have enough chances as the Merry-Go-Round spins.  You will always have regrets if you don’t try

Take note of the ‘special people” you meet today. Perhaps it could it be that the people in your life that you refer to as ordinary have something ‘special to offer’ you.  Note: make sure your Jupiter is in tip-top working order.  Run a routine check. You can only be lucky if you take a chance. Opportunity knocks for everyone but YOU have to answer the door.

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