~ Moon-in-Leo will have you unsettled during much of the wee overnight hours leading up to Jupiter’s harmonious interlude with Uranus. You won’t have trouble hearing this tune. This energy is no stranger to the neighborhood. These two have hooked up before and will do so again. If you are on a mission, you’ll have plenty of surprises and unusual rewards that could lift you from any humdrum, boring routine.

I like to look at this hook-up in the context of the whole time span that it is in orb, exerting its influence upon your chart. You have the benefit of Jupiter’s farsighted vision. You can see the future or, at the very least, catch a glimpse and make an educated guess. These two are exact today but came around last fall, around mid-September. Jupiter will turn direct on April 8 (circle that date, many of you will see some action) as it heads back to exact mid-May 2015; bringing to fruition whatever it has been shaking up.

During this planetary dance, things usually work out to your advantage. They bring on benefits. Things that have been stalled, or on hold, get a push forward. While Jupiter is in backwards motion – things are working, its just that they are out of sight and behind the scenes. If you are looking for answers or creative solutions, place some trust in Jupiter’s faith. Sit back and marvel at just how effortlessly things can unfold for you.

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