~ The lights are turned on and things are out in ‘plain’ and ‘not so plain’ sight under the Leo Moon. This occurs as she connects, connects and connects more; from morn to night. Leo likes it hot and ‘in style’, and you can also throw in a few theatrics. It’s the latest, the greatest, and the “show stopping” stuff that this moon is made of. Today, the cosmos is *on fire* and during much of March, there will be fireworks ……but the show must go on.

Do a quick once-over in the mirror: are you walking your talk? Saturn is keeping watch with his eagle eye and listening to every step along the way. You have yourself a connection to the nodes. Karma comes calling. Venus is pulling at your heart strings and is bringing balance to your most loving relationships.

In plain language right here and now, the lady points out (in her many varied ways) the things that you do to undermine your relationships. Yep, this is you getting in your own way when it comes to those you love. You will recognize it. She points out ‘the things we do for others’ and “the ways we are selfish.’ Like looking at a black and white photo; its easy to recognize the light and the dark side.

The Moon makes a harmonious connection with Venus in the early evening. This happens after a busy day reconciling differences between Neptune and the Sun fueled by Mars and Saturn. When you get the chance,”take it.” Most of the day is favorable; especially for creative, inspirational thinking. If you are burning the midnight oil, Uranus lends a helping hand and gives Luna that twist to get her heart beating a bit faster.

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