~ What are you thinking? Is it over the top? Where did it come from? During traditional weather reports at this time every year, we talk about March coming “in like a Lion and going out like a lamb” or vice versa. Astrologically, we should look at the same possible patterns. Mercury-in-Aquarius sextiles Uranus-in-Aries at 10:55 AM. Also, Mercury-in-Aquarius stands in opposition to Jupiter-in-Leo and all this adds some pretty interesting lion-like energy to the day.

Mercury hooks up with Uranus who is involved in some big revolutionary or earth shaking activity. As a result, you could very well hear some earth shaking and cage-rattling words. At the very least, expect a few thought-stimulating light bulbs to be activated in your head.  Have it whichever way you want.  But remember, as is always the case with Uranus; opportunities could be wild cards. This is the ‘shock jock’ aspect so you may hear some dramatic attempts to upstage or simply ‘out-do declarations,’ some even just for the heck of it….

Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus hooking up can generate some pretty interesting scenarios. Sudden adventures, unexpected communications ……… oh and don’t forget to add Jupiter’s  ‘over the top’ theatrics as the cherry on top of this “astro-sundae.”  The dramatic words and messages could just as easily be delivered by your mouth or heard by your ears. In this situation, I am uncertain as to whether it will better to give than receive so keep your options open.

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