~ Moon Squares Uranus at ‘High Noon’ on the east coast which will be the keystone of today’s astro-forces. We are leading up to, and the pressure is once again building to, the last Pluto-Uranus meeting that will take place in the heavens on March 17th ( St Patricks’ Day). This occurs just prior to the equinox and the first solar eclipse is happening on the 20th of March. Today, the Moon triggers this very hot spot.

For some, it will feel like the universe is taking a sizzling hot poker from the coals and poking a very tender spot. Ouch! The moon is very sensitive in Cancer. Take particular note of the ‘what’  that grabs your attention today. Something inside of you is trying to come through loud and clear. If something is getting your goat, take notice. By now, in the process, most of that old stuff should be brought out and dealt with. However, for some, you get the chance to look at underlying emotions that are influencing some of your unhealthy habit patterns.

Think of today as a day of cleansing your psyche. Make some plan for releasing bottled up emotions. Yup, today will be surprising, interesting, and could leave you shaking your head. But when all is said and done; it will be what it is. Center yourself and reach outward or inward to find that stabilizing force which calms your mind and feeds your soul.

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