~ When the Moon is in Cancer, you are; we all are, a bit on the sensitive side. Now, objectivity which is a rare commodity at best, doesn’t have a chance to even pretend to kept its head above water when the moon is swimming in Cancer. You can learn quite a bit about yourself when the moon is ruminating in the style of the crab.  The things that you desire are the things you need. It lets you know what your emotional and psychological needs might be. What are you gravitating towards?

You will take your own version of a sentimental journey. You’ll be drawn to those objects of affection that specifically provide you with emotional support. It is at this time of the lunar cycle that you’ll want to ‘be home’. That is wherever and whatever means home to you. Your emotional well-being is very much in proportion to how aligned you are with your own particular brand of ”home.’ Being someplace else will shake your security.

All goes well until you are giving more than you are receiving. When the moon is in Cancer, it’s a pretty sure bet you’re not getting all that you want or need. This moon loves to point out what is missing. The moon throws down a couple of ‘no-win’ aspects to Saturn and Pluto where adjustments need to take place and you won’t be happy with any of the compromises that you may have to make.  This leaves everyone slightly to moderately in disagreement. You have been fortunate If you have managed to get this far by staying safe, inside the familiar walls of your shell. However, it is  not a guarantee that you’ll be able to continue to avoid this volatile “Moon-squaring-Mars” that is full-blown by 10:00 PM.

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