~ A very interesting configuration today takes over the heavens.  This occurs just a couple hours before dawn when the Gemini Moon and Jupiter-in-Leo get together geometrically. Now, this could be ‘the dawning of a new day,’ when you become very aware of your natural talents as they stimulate your natal, inner resources. This is the ‘you are in the right place at the right time’ aspect.  Jupiter is about inner resources and when stimulated – ‘you are lucky’. You could meet, run into or have coffee with someone who is a great supporter.  They appear unexpectedly to offer you a helping hand. Maybe its an opportunity or a vote of confidence that gives you just the fuel you need right now.

Whatever is happening; this is simply a plain old “Feel Good Day.” One that takes you away from your limited beliefs, your own back yard, and your personal bag of worries; even if just for a little while. You are expansive and optimistic. Ready to go places and that thought alone brings its own special luck. Today should afford you that pleasant break where you can enjoy synchronicity and take notice of what is “Seen and Heard” as you go through your day.  You will have some fun connecting the dots ………and you just might surprise yourself.

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