~ The Pisces Sun shines softly over you on his way to meet Neptune where he’ll be stirring up creativity and inspiration. This energy can align you in the right direction if you allow it. You can be very perceptive right now, so listen to your ‘Inner Voice.’  However, do take care because this Sun-Neptune Combo also dissolves ego boundaries in ways that are not always so healthy. So, as you are “here, there and everywhere,” seeking & gathering facts for fun and social events, proceed with caution. These places are inhabited with both the charmed and the charmers. ‘Watch Out!’ my dears.  Do not fall victim to another’s delusions as we travel on our own spiritual quests.

*Keeping in Touch* is the name of the game for this mid-week day that marks the halfway point of the workweek. Visit friends, send your emails and respond to your texts. You’ll waver back and forth, not wanting to get pinned down. You will want to keep it loose but so will everyone else. The Moon makes over a half dozen aspects,  thus creating a very busy, emotionally changeable day in the heavens. It generates enough activity to keep the ‘twins’ fully entertained. The Gemini Moon’s reputation for “the grass is always greener on the other side” Syndrome is rampant today. Diversity and adaptability mark the day. The Gemini Moon is restless and likes to be on the go. However, be careful about making costume changes too quickly. Watch out that you don’t get too scattered. Otherwise, you can quickly become frivolous and forget the important stuff of life in search of something else…. “A mirage that is not real but appear to be so through your foggy lenses.”

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